Admission is going on for Nursery to Class 5th. Hostel facilities is also available.

Why we?

Manaj school is one of the best and renowed school of Nalanda Bihar whose head office in Ranchi Jharkhand. We provide innovative quality of education and frame new pattern of education for the benefit of students.

  • One of first school whose main focus is on Career Development of our students rather than simply scoring Accademic Marks because no-one is going to ask about your marks in future but eveyone wiil talk about Career for whole life.
  • We frame new pattern of education named "LICB methodology" instead of traditional "Teach-Test-Score-Forget methodology" of teaching.
  • Employment Guarantee to all. If any student studying in our school for 10 to 15 years means that s/he expend time and money with effort trusting on us for better future career. So our school is taking responsibility for her/his employment.
  • Tuition Fee Refund Policy. Afer studying for 10 to 15 years in our school, if any student incapable to get satisfactory job then we have no right to take her/his tuition fee.
  • Any one can't ignore infrastructure facilities of school but Quality of Education is much more important than Infrastructure facilities of any school which we deliver to our student.
  • We are treating our student as a family member of our school so we are providing Career Support as well as Financial Support to our student after post schooling so that s/he might build better career in future.

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To be a role model for educational institution.


Set an example by taking reformative step to overcome demarits our indian education system and providing one of the best qualities of education so that our school should be first choice for students.

Our brief Academic Program

Fact to think

Traditional Education Pattern

Our modern education system has been based on basically two concepts:

  1. Compulsory and Common education to all.
  2. Teach – Test – Score – Forget methodology.
More Details

Job insecurity

After spending a lot of time and money for education (School, Coaching, College, Training) from childhood, many stuidents finally unable to get proper job can be said Career/job insecurity.

Important Notice:

  • Admission is going on for Nursery to Class 5.
  • We are going to start new branch.

Career Counseling

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Career Security

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Talent Exposure

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Employment Guarantee

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