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Unique feature of Manaj School

  • Career Security to each & every student:
    Career Security to each & every student if study for at least 5 years. As it is one of the challenging tasks, this is why none of school or coaching institute which claim for having best & experience faculty is giving any type of career security to any of students.
  • Personalized & Customize syllabus:
    Personalized & Customize syllabus based on students capability & interest since every child is born with a unique talent & skill which will be fruitful to enhance talent & skill.
  • No stress for Test or Examination:
    Stress for Test or Examination slow down learning capability of students. So students should not stress for Test or Examination or Homework for academic courses except board exam in our school. But Student’s performance will be judge by alternative method instead of frequent test & examination which will be more perfect than test on single sheet of paper.
  • No rat race for scoring marks:
    There will be no rat race for marks and enjoy learning to enhance knowledge for their better future career.
  • Employment Guarantee to all:
    Students put effort on study in school, coaching institute, college only for better future carrer while their parents manage to pay fee for all. But if some students fail to get satisfactory job then both students as well as their parents bicome sad for future career.
  • Innovative way of learning:
    Our school follow new pattern of education “LICB Methodology” instead of “Teach–Test–Score–Forget Methodology”.
  • Talent Exposure & Skill Development:
    Scoring marks is not a tough task if someone study seriously. But for future career it is not enough. Talent & Skill play major role for successful career.
  • We also focus more on practical approach,high levels of motivation & life skill knowledge.
  • Theory classes will be of 4 period but very effective because most of students tire off with 8 periods and rest of time allotted to other activities which will boost up their confidence, innovative ideas, critical thinking, leadership quality, communication skill etc. focusing on life skill knowledge.
  • We will also support financially to our needy students for their career even after pass out.
  • Money Back Policy
    Though we are trying to provide one of the best quality of education in our limitation but unfortunately if any of students fail in building career then we cannot return their time but we can refund their tuition fee.

We Create, Design and Make it Real

Any students if s/he is study from class 1 to class 12 in good school mean he is giving 12 year of his life along with paying heavy fee for education (by means of school fee, coaching fee, college fee etc.) hoping to build better career for future life and not simply for getting degree certificate of class 10 or class 12 or other.
We all know that students as well as their parents suffer a lot of pressure during education period but result are not satisfactory. So we are trying to reform our educational teaching pattern so that students should study efficiently without any pressure.
We also welcome ideas of students & their parents to reform our education system for benefit of students career.