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Traditional Education Pattern

Our modern education system has been based on basically two concepts:

  1. Compulsory and Common education to all.
  2. Teach – Test – Score – Forget methodology:
    Teach- Teacher teach any particular subject and students are fully depended on teacher.
    Test- After completing topics or chapter, Test or exame conducted by teacher.
    Score- Most of Students study only for scoring marks in Test/Exame and are in mentle stress.
    Forget- After examination are over, most of students forget what they study in past and even useless for them.

But unfortunately both of the concept have many drawaback due to which many students are either in mentally stress during studying or not taking interest in study. Our modern education system did not fulfill the actual concept of education. In fact, Education is the process of facilitating learning or the acquisition of knowledge, skills, values, beliefs, and habits for our better future life but our syllabus didnot fulfil all these crieteria. That's why many students studying for even more than 25 year, spending a lot of time and money but become jobless after completing their degree.
So, We frame a new concept of Education named "LICB Methodology" which will fruitful for each and every students.